Hello!  My name is Kathleen Fink.  As an Emergency Department Certified Emergency Nurse, I have seen a wide array of illness and injury among babies, the elderly and everyone in between.  Unless a patient or family member has some medical training, a visit to Emergency can be quite daunting.  Do you know how to control a fever in an infant?  When is it an emergency?  Does every bump on the head need a CT scan?  Do you know where your gall bladder is?  Or what it does?  Do you have pneumonia?  Is your ankle broken or just sprained?  What is hypoglycemia?  Am I too old to drive?  What is a Health Care Proxy?
In this developing series of books, I have brushed off a largely unused English degree, combined it with my nursing knowledge and experience, and have embarked on a program to assist the non-medical reader in the understanding of basic medical science.
Keep in mind that your doctor is the best source of advice for your specific health questions.  The information presented in this series is designed to better equip you for those discussions with your health care professional.